GE Dash 5000

The GE Dash 5000 Patient Monitor is a portable unit known for its ease of use and flexibility to cater to the monitoring needs of all patients.

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Product Description

The GE Dash 5000 patient monitor is designed to track and record parameters including ECG, noninvasive blood pressure (NIPB), impedance respiration, SpO2, and temperature. Other parameters, such as Invasive pressure (ibp), are optional features.

The GE Dash 5000 Patient Monitor includes features such as:

  • Flexible integration capabilities which allows you to utilize your already existing Wired or Wireless Network.
  • Co2 measurement capabilities for both neonatal and adult patients.
  • Durable and lightweight design, making it perfect for easy transportation.
  • Includes a built in writer, however has the capability to connect to CARESCAPE network.
  • Trim Knob provides user with easy control operation of almost all patient monitoring functions.