Gyrus G400 Workstation

Product Description

The Gyrus G400 Workstation is a state of the art bi-polar electrosurgical device that exploits the electrically conductive properties of fluid present at the operative site to form a conductive field in the vicinity of the electrosurgical instrument. When paired with Gyrus instruments, the intended use of this unit is for open and laparoscopic surgical procedures that involve the vaporization/transection, cutting, coagulation, and sealing of soft tissue.

*Intended for use by qualified medical personnel trained in the use of electrosurgical equipment*

Other features of the Gyrus G400 Workstation include:

  • Four forms of energy output, Vapor Pulse Coagulation, Coagulation- DES/100% COAG, PlasmaKinetic Tissue Cutting, and PlasmaCision-Simulataneous cutting and coagulation
  • Alarm system