Philips BV 25

The Philips BV 25 features: fluoroscopy, pulsed Fluoroscopy, radiography, automatic dose rate control (ADR), iris diaphragm, fine grid for fluoroscopy, fluoroscopy footswitch & more…

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Product Description

The Philips BV 25 features:
Pulsed Fluoroscopy
Automatic dose rate control (ADR)
Iris diaphragm
Fine grid for fluoroscopy
Fluoroscopy footswitch

Dual monitors 18″ with rotating imaging
Image store Digistore 25
Mode :
ER ( Electronic radiography )
LIH ( Last image hold )
FL ( Fluoroscopy )
SUB ( Subtract )
Matrix Camera Model 1010-2M
Image intensifier 6 inches (152 mm)
Generator rating
0.1ma a 40 kv to 3 ma a 100kv
Vertical travel del C arm 500mm
Horizontal travel of C arm 200 mm