Shampaine 1900

The Shampaine 1900 features electrical surgical table with radi-op top. Easy to operate and versatility in functions to fit different needs.

Product Description

The Shampaine 1900 features:
Electrical surgical table with radi-op top
For use as a c-arm table, a general surgery table, a back-up for a urological table, an EENT table, a neurosurgery table, and as an orthopedic table (when traction is not required)
Easy to operate and versatility in functions to fit different needs
Fabricated from radio-translucent and conductive panels, which conform to radiation specifications
Cassette tunnel is incorporated into each of the five tabletop sections allowing positioning of x-ray cassettes up to 14″ x 17″
Incorporated longitudinal slide of the tabletop towards the head and/or foot ends

72″ long (86″ with removable leg extension), 19 ¾” wide (21¾” with side rails), and 28″ to 44″ high
Trandelenburg: Up to 25°
Reverse Trandelenburg: Up to 25°
Lateral Tilt: Up to 17° right or left
Back Section: Adjustable 30° below horizontal and 90° above horizontal
Kidney Elevator: Extendable up to 4″
Leg Section: Adjustable from 92° below horizontal to 70° above
Headrest Section: Adjustable from 90° below horizontal to 45° above in 15° increments
Electrical: Motor requires 117 volts, single phase, 60 Hz power at 8 amperes
Designed for use in non-flammable and non-hazardous anesthetizing locations