Zimmer ATS 2000

The Zimmer ATS 2000 is a dual pump tourniquet system with features that allow it to be reliable and high functioning.

Product Description

The Zimmer ATS 2000 is an automatic, micro processor controlled, dual pump tourniquet system with product features that make it both reliable and high functioning.

The Zimmer ATS 2000 includes product features such as:

  • Dual line tubing and dual port cuffs
  • Self testing of alarms, displays, and self calibration
  • Microprocessor Control for improved reliability
  • LED Displays
  • Internal reservoir and high output pump for increased inflation rate
  • Built in battery charger with 24 hour battery recharge time
  • Precision pressure transducers
  • Built-in in ation time alarm system
  • Quick Reference Cards that are easily accessible
  • Some product specifications include:

  • Height:12.75 in.
  • Width:10 in.
  • Depth:10.5 in.
  • Weight: 19.8 lbs