Datex Ohmeda S5 ADU

Product Description

The Datex Ohmeda S5 ADU Carestation is an innovative approach to anesthesia delivery, which utilizes electronic control for both gas delivery and vaporization. This enables full benefit of the automatic data capture of care information management and minimizes manual documentation.

The intuitive Datex-Ohmeda user interface is common throughout the three major components of the ADU Carestation on the anesthesia delivery unit, the monitor and the anesthesia record keeper.

Data integration allows you to configure the data on full color screens – anesthesia delivery settings on one display and patient monitored values on the other. An additional display is available for integrated anesthesia record.

The ADU Carestation can be linked, through the Datex-Ohmeda Anesthesia Monitor, to a network of other carestations and allows interface with the hospital-wide information systems.

Multiple product options and software-driven technology helps enable future upgrades of the system to suit your preferences. Integration of anesthesia delivery.

Traditionally, integration has meant only mechanical compatibility but with the ADU Carestation you can achieve much more.

Uniquely combines advanced ventilation features, gas delivery and agent vaporizing with patient monitoring and information management to form an integrated anesthesia carestation.

Although fully integrated,the ADU Carestation can be expanded according to your needs. You can update your system with new features and add patient monitoring parameters and information management solutions at your own pace. You can physically configure the ADU Carestation to suit your work environment. Install the monitors and display in the way you prefer. Use the patient circuit and accessories of your choice.