Drager Narkomed 2C

Product Description

The Drager Narkomed 2C holds 3 vaporizers for multiple agents and has oxygen, volume & pressure monitoring on a removable flat plate display. The manufacturer offers support of this model. Drawer pack configurations may vary from picture.

O2 and N2O standard
air optional
ORC (Hypoxic Guard) standard
AVE ventilator with ascending bellows standard
holds 3 vaps
compatible with 19.1 or 19.3 vaps, optional
oxygen, volume & pressure monitoring standard
removable flat plate display standard
CO2 absorber standard
E-Cylinder and central gas connections standard
drawer pack configurations may vary from pic

weight: approximately 400 lbs
max. dimensions: 40 x 68 x 25 in (l x h x w)
top shelf: 32 x 15 in (l x w)
table top: 271 in sq