Datex Ohmeda S5 Light

The Datex Ohmeda S/5 Light is an easy to use, lightweight monitor that is designed for both mobile, and stationary monitoring of patients vital signs.

Product Description

The Datex Ohmeda S5 Light Monitor is an easy to use, lightweight monitor intended for stationary and mobile monitoring of patient vitals in both hospital and ambulance settings.
The intended use of this monitor is by qualified medical personnel only.

Some of the other features of the Datex Ohmeda S/5 Light include:

  • Large Display for excellent visibility
  • Adjustable High and Low alarm system
  • Reliable monitoring of patients ECG, SpO2, non-invasive and invasive blood pressure, respiration, CO2, and temperature.
  • Weight with battery: 13.5 lbs.
  • Intended for patients with weight from 11 lbs. and up
  • Respiration monitoring is intended for patients 3 years old and up