Respironics BiPAP Vision

The Respironics BiPAP Vision is an advanced ventilation system designed to be reliable, accurate, and easy to use.

Product Description

Some features of the Respironics BiPAP Vision include:

  • An Integrated Display Screen that is not only easy to read, but provides calculated, accurate measurements such as Peak Inspiratory Pressure, Total Breath Rate, % Patient Triggered Breaths, and many more.
  • BiPAP AutoTrak Sensitivity: The ground breaking development of Auto-TrakSensitivityTM enables the BiPAP Vision System to respond automatically to a patients changing breathing patterns and circuit leaks by both identifying leaks, as well as adjusting variable sensitivity thresholds, leading to optimum response with every breath.
  • Product Flexibility- The BiPAP Vision allows for easy upgrades, allowing you to upgrade in the future without having to buy a new system.