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Datascope AS3000

Product Description

Datascope AS3000 Three gas machine (O2, N2O, and Air)
Anesthesia agents: Isoflurane, halothane, enflurane, desflurane, sevoflurane
Inspiratory and expiratory port
Pressure support mode (trigger, T slope, Delta P), SIMV (inspiratory time, inspiratory pause)
Optional on physiologic monitors: BIS with Spectrum OR, arrhythmia detection, 12-Lead ECG
Optional compatible physiologic monitors (Spectrum OR Anesthesia Monitor, Passport 2 Patient Monitor,
Gas Module 3 Multiple respiratory gas monitor)
Manual/spontaneous, CMV, PCV, PS, SIMV; for pediatrics and adults

H x W x D – 138 x 65 x 69 (54 x 26 x 27)
Weight – 148kg / 326 lbs
Top Shelf – 65 x 35.2cm/ 25.6 x 14in
Drawers – 12.1 x 45.2 x 30.5cm/ 5 x 9 x 12in, 3 equal sizes
Power required – VAC 120/220
Auxillary Electric Outlets – 4